Fundraising Goal: $3000

Amount Raised:$220

Number of Team Members:17

Team Members:
Stephanie DiStasio (Team Captain)
Emilio DiStasio
Emily DiStasio
Joe DiStasio
Judy Ryan
Christine Ruest
Jennifer Ruest
Marilyn Crowley

Amanda Tinkham
Lisa Tinkham
Wayne Tinkham
Geoffrey McAuley
Doreen McAuley
Brian McAuley
Kelle Wood
Kathryn Wood
Kristine Cheetham

Team Story:

Our beautiful Emily Rose was born on March 6, 2004. A healthy 9 lb 1oz bundle of happiness. She was our second child so we seemed prepared as parents. When Emily was around 6 months of age we noticed that she wasn’t crawling the usual way. She would slide across the floor only using her arms. We told her pediatrician of our concern . She told us not to compare her to our older child. As she got older she continued not to make milestones. Pulling her self up, not walking or climbing. Again we told our concerns to her pediatrician. Her reply was simply every child is different. Finally at almost 2 years of age Emily started to “walk”. I say “walk” because it was not your typical walk. She swayed much like a penguin . Fell down with every other step. She would come to a curb and sit down instead of stepping down. Again we asked for help by her pediatrician. We were told straight out that nothing wrong with her. Long story short after months of looking for answers and being misdiagnosed . Emily finally was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. She was almost three years old.

She has had 4 major surgeries with more to come. Due to her surgeries she has a severe leg length difference.

While going thru this journey we often felt alone and unsure of what her future. But then one summer day two years ago we came across a website about a hip dysplasia walk. It was to late to register but Emily said next year is my goal to do this!!

She started to train with her PT, walked the track at school, designed team shirts and got our family and friends to join! All this and she was only 11 years old.

Last August the day of the race changed not only Emily but our family. We met the incredible Emily Cioffi and her family.

Emily suddenly didn’t feel alone! She became confident and willing to try anything.

Instead of focusing on what she couldn’t do she focused on what she can do!

Emily’s Hipsters are ready for this year! We are so excited!