Fundraising Goal: $1000

Amount Raised: $350

Team Members:
Lisbeth Kish (Team Captain)
Chris Kish (Team Captain)

Team Story:

I would like to share my experience with bilateral hip dysplasia in numbers. To correct my hip dysplasia, I had a periacetabular osteotomy, or PAO, on each side of my pelvis. This is the largest orthopedic surgery that can be performed, requiring each side of my pelvis to be fractured in 5 places, then each fractured piece rotated and screwed into proper alignment to create a correctly shaped hip socket. But this was just the beginning of my journey, and what was already unexpected became even more so as I struggled to recover. During this time, I needed inspiration, hope, strength and support – I could not do this alone. My husband and I changed PAO into something positive: Persevere And Overcome. We designed bracelets and have given over 1000 of them to more than 400 people all around the world, who are also battling hip dysplasia.
I recently had my 4th major surgery related to hip dysplasia, 2 of which were unexpected and due to unforeseen circumstances and complications following my PAOs, causing me more physical, emotional and mental hardships than I was prepared to face.
Hip dysplasia has threatened every single part of my life and challenges me every day to rise above each obstacle, which sometimes includes myself. However, seeing what I have accomplished in numbers helps me remember that I’m so VERY incredibly strong to be surviving this. Hopefully 1 day I’ll be able to say that my current journey is past tense and I’ll be able to share all the amazing things I’ll be able to do BECAUSE of these numbers. Without them, I would not be able to do anything.
My hip dysplasia numbers are:
7 years since my journey began and I couldn’t walk.
4 years since I was diagnosed.
4 hip surgeries (plus 6 more non-hip surgeries that happened as a result of my hip journey, and at least 2 more pending surgeries).
4 years on crutches or walkers.
3 1/2+ years of ongoing physical therapy.
12 pelvic fractures.
1 femur surgery.
21 screws.
2 plates.
3 bone grafts.
27 days in the hospital.
35+ inches of incisions.
8 drain incisions.
And my numbers continue to grow. I recently started physical therapy again to begin my newest rehab from my last surgery and my fingers are crossed that this will be my final recovery. I have about 12 more months of rehab in front of me and today, like everyday, will be 1 day closer to being able to walk, to hike, to mountain bike and to do all the other wonderful things that I haven’t been able to do in 7 years.
But there are two more numbers that are the most important:
1 incredibly strong person: ME.
1000s of people supporting me, including my husband, parents, sister, friends and all my “hippie” friends across the world who are always there for me.
Persevere And Overcome. I WILL do this!