Fundraising Goal: $1000 

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Team Members:
Casey Madore (Team Captain)
Phil Madore

Team Story:
Harper was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia when she was minutes old. She has been in bracing/harnesses/casts since birth. Her left hip corrected itself with the Pavlik Harness. Harper has had 4 Operating Room procedures since she was 4 months old. She had an open reduction and spica cast placement on March 17, 2015, with a repeat procedure the next day due to dislocation. She then dislocated 2 more times during the repeat procedure. Although Harper has the most unstable hip that her doctor has seen, she is doing amazingly well at 23 months old. She is running and starting to jump! There is a very good chance that she will need a pelvic osteotomy in the next 1-2 years. I honestly don’t know where we would be without the early detection and treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital as well as all of the resources that I found from the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Please help to support these wonderful organizations as we will be in the care of Boston Children’s for many years to come.