Fundraising Goal: $1000

Amount Raised:

Number of Team Members: 8

Team Members:
Kerri Theriault (Team Captain)
Ken Theriault
Debbie Theriault
Sandy Guinazzo
Pam Berglund
Rick Berglund
Marge Brasill
Jennifer Sharples

Team Story:
As I’m sure you know by now, our daughter, Makayla, was diagnosed with Bilateral Hip Dysplasia at 3 months old. Conventional screening failed to detect her condition and it was accidentally discovered during an unrelated medical procedure. She immediately began treatment. The left hip resolved without surgery but she needed an Open Reduction (open hip surgery) in November 2014 on her right hip. Makayla spent 12 weeks in a Spica cast (a cast from the chest to the ankles). She is now cast free and enjoying being brace-free as well – this is exciting because she has been in some sort of device, in some capacity, since she was 3 months old!. Makayla recently turned 2 and is walking and running around everywhere! We have learned to take this journey 1 doctor’s appointment at a time and hope to see healthy hip x-rays from here on out!!

Please consider joining our team and/or donating in support of our daughter and the fight against and to further research of Hip Dysplasia!